20 Great Coffee Shops in London

It’s almost time for the London Coffee Festival, which showcases the best of the UK’s coffee scene. Around this time a number of newspapers, magazines and websites will inevitably publish self-described definitive lists of London’s “best” coffee. The same names are rehashed and list members are incredibly predictable.  

This year, I’d like to break from the trend and highlight 20 coffee shops in London which I feel are often overlooked. These are twenty coffee shops which are either new, small operations or places which I think represent some of the best of London’s coffee scene. Big names and chains are purposely left out.

These are, in no particular:
  1. Lanark Coffee
  2. Footnote Café
  3. The Gentlemen Baristas
  4. Carmelite Café
  5. 119 Lower Clapton
  6. Fingers Crossed
  7. 56 St James
  8. The Wren Coffee
  9. Drink, Shop, Dash
  10. Craving Coffee
  11. Coleman and Co. (technically a stand)
  12. Coffee Affair
  13. Craft Coffee
  14. Four Corners
  15. Tamp Coffee
  16. Knockbox
  17. Silhouette
  18. Small White Elephant
  19. Wood St Coffee
  20. Brookes and Gao

Each of these bring with it their unique charm to the London coffee scene. From Lanark’s focus on great coffee, the Gentlemen Barista’s great focus on customer service to Four Corner’s commitment to… well, eccentricity. Big names like Caravan and Ozone will always be known as some of the best coffee shops in London, but there are some absolutely amazing and innovative coffee shops in the scene that deserve some attention as well.