5 More Spots: Peckham, Islington and Aldgate

More coffee! Here are five more spots we've found this week around London.

Three spots in Peckham. First, Small White Elephant serving Alchemy coffee along with a great brunch selection, snacks and bakes. Second, right next door is Southerden- the incredible patisserie and bakery of Mel who serves Monmouth coffee. A short walk down Peckham Road is the Pigeon Hole which was funded by a kickstarter. It used Volcano Coffee and turns into a bar later in the evening.

Back in Islington is Brown Bear, which opened last Tuesday and uses Coleman Coffee. A bit further east in Longshot, an eccentrically-decorated cafe serving Climpsons

SE15 Small White Elephant (28 Choumert Road)
 SE15 Southerden (46 Choumert Road) 
SE5 The Pigeon Hole (2 Datchelor Place)
 N1 Brown Bear (Cross Street, Islington)
E1 Long Shot (127 Leman Street)