First look: Commune at Goodhood and SCR's Cafe

I had a first look at the freshly opened Commune Cafe at the Goodhood Store situated on Shoreditch's Curtain Road. One of the few clothing/lifestyle shops London that have also opened a coffee shop on the premise. 

For some reason, I expected something similar to the Bench at Present; a stall that largely provides coffee to go. Instead, situated in the basement, the Commune is spacious with a large counter and 5-6 tables. Serving Squaremile and a good selection of food, it goes head to head with the large number of coffee shops in the area and looks to be a great little spot to escape to.

Two doors down was SCP which also has a little cafe within it's shop focused on furniture and interior design. Set up on the ground floor, they serve Allpress and cakes sourced from Fika on Brick Lane. 
Large counter at the Commune.

Branded cups
The counter at SCP
EC2 Commune at Goodhood Cafe (151 Curtain Road)
 EC2 Cafe at SCP (135-139 Curtain Rd)