6 Coffee Shops in Stoke Newington

Stoke Newington has become quite the coffee hotspot. Before there was Lazy Social serving Workshop Coffee, the Haberdashery's 2nd shop serving Nude and Esters serving Hasbean. Now there's quite a selection.
Chalk and Chalkboard Tables at Full of Beans
I visited Tangerina Coffee, a clandestine Brazilian coffee shop serving some of my country's best snacks (pao de queijo- also found at the Little/Corner One in Camden) and Allpress Coffee. Just two doors down is T&Shop serving Caravan, a small coffee shop that doubles as shop selling homewares, accessories and furniture. Further out West is Full of Beans, serving Caravan coffee and child-friendly facilities. There's a play area that's free if you spend £5 on food and coffee.
How Brew Courses at Yellow Warbler
Next to Stoke Newington station is the Yellow Warbler serving Climpsons and Nude. Down the road is the new Fingers Crossed serving Hasbean and freshly cooked food. Further out east is Dreyfus Cafe serving Hasbean in a European-style cafe.

E5 Dreyfus Cafe (19 Lower Clapton Road) 
N16 T and Shop (78 green lanes, N16 9EJ)
N16 Tangerina Coffee Shop (74 Green Lanes) 
N5 Full of Beans Play CafĂ© (69 Highbury Park, N5 1UA)
N16 Yellow Warbler (9 Northwold Rd)
E8 Fingers Crossed (247 Amhurst Rd)