Press Coffeehouse Coffee Subscriptions

Yesterday, as the wonderful London summer turned slightly sour- I luckily managed to get my hands on one of Press Coffeehouse's new line of subscription coffee boxes.
Press' slick logo on the front

The concept behind coffee subscriptions is simple- you pay a monthly amount and get coffee beans delivered to your door. Traditionally, it's been roasters that have provided this service directly.

However, Press operates a different model. It acts an intermediary between a diverse number of roasteries. More exceptionally, it does so with a range of international roasteries.

Press's service comes with coffee roasted in either North America, Europe or Australia. This week, the coffee was a wonderful Costa Rican from Joe- a roastery based out of New York's West Village. Previous subscription boxes have come from Madcap (Michigan), White Label (Amsterdam), and Five Elephant (Berlin).

The box opened
Press also puts in quite a bit of work in the presentation and information provided within its box alongside its coffee. Within the box were tasting notes, information about the coffee region, seasonal American recipes and some treats from the Noisette Bakehouse.
Everything in the box

If you're looking to have fresh coffee that's roasted overseas at home, you'll be hard-pressed to find a service that provides better value. (Pun unintentional)