7 New Coffee Shops in London

Let's face it- London is in an ever-growing Artisan coffee boom. It's reached the stage where a coffee shop opening is a weekly ritual and everyone lets out a soft groan when they hear about another opening in Shoreditch. 

But this doesn't just mean Londoners are spoiled for choice, it's also bringing a wave of coffee shops that are uping the quality of what constitutes specialty coffee shop in London. Here are seven new coffee shops that have hit the streets of London over the summer that you should check out (in no particular order). 

1. Brooklyn Coffee (139 Commercial Street, E1 6BJ)

Okay. It's Shoredtich. But we weren't going to escape that in a list about coffee shops were we? With coffee from Caravan, this new spot provides a quick fix within a slick stylish interior.

2. Curators Coffee Gallery (51 Margaret St, W1W 8SG)

If you can somehow afford to live in Fitrovia, you're in for a treat. Three of the entries on this list are in your neighborhood. Curators are no novice in the coffee scene. They've made waves with their first spot- Curators Coffee Studio- bringing a quirkiness to suits in the City. Now they've upped the ante with their larger spot in Central London.

Only a short walk away from Fitzrovia is Kin Cafe on Foley Street. The first thing you'll see in this cafe is their tempting selection of fresh foods and bakes. With ample seating, its a great place to relax from the hustle of central London life.

Moving back to the East End we have Lanark, only a short walk from Hoxton and Bethnal Green, this coffee shop is run by a cheerful and skilled barista who previously worked at Alchemy and Black Box. If you're after a perfect cup of coffee, you're guaranteed to get one here.

5. Soho Grind (19 Beak St W1F 9RP)

Pfff... coffee? We all know coffee is a gateway to convincing someone to meet up for drinks. Meet Soho Grind. "Oh hey, look- they have cocktails too? Let's try one." Before you know it you'll be taking the first DLR back home at 5 in the morning. The little brother of Shoreditch Grind- these two use coffee shops are supplied by the Small Batch Co in Brighton.

6. Terrone Coffee (Kingly Court, W1F 9BY)

Terrone is run by Edy, the East End's resident Italian coffee aficionado who's been giving great coffee to Hackney's residents in Netil Market. Now he's teamed up with Pizza Pilgrims to bring great coffee to this shopping hot spot. London's only specialty coffee roasted in Italy, it's one not to miss.

7. Workshop Fitzrovia Coffee Bar (80A Mortimer Street, W1W 7FE)

Workshop has been bringing great coffee to Clerkenwell for quite sometime. Recently they've expanded quite a bit, opening a new shop in Holborn earlier this year. Fitzrovia brings their coffee store count up to four.

Have you visited a new coffee shop this summer? Let me know!