The 2014 London Coffee Stops Awards Are Here

Voting for the 2014 London Coffee Stops Awards have opened, celebrating the best of the city’s coffee culture. Rumour has it I might know a thing or two about coffee shops in London having visited 216 of them. Decided by popular vote, Chris Ward (creator of the awards) has somehow managed to combine my day job (student politics) with my hobby. Yet again, I’ve been roped into another election. Thanks Chris! *Shakes fist*

However, I just cannot bring myself to choose a single shop for each. London has far too much talent when it comes to coffee. Below, I’ve set out my (quite subjective and quickly decided) recommendations for who I think should be considered for each award category. (For other coffee bloggers take, see Brian’s Coffee Spot and LiquidJolt.)

Best Coffee Shop in London

Tastiest Bakes and Cakes

Best Use of Social Media

Best for Working Out of Office

Best Coffee Roasted in London
  • Ozone Coffee, Workshop Coffee, Tapped & Packed, Allpress

Best New Coffee Shop
  • Macintyre, Tuckshop, Craft Coffee, the Wren, Dash, Four Corners

Best London Coffee Blog
  • Brian’s Coffee Spot

The coffee blogging community has been absolutely excellent. When I first started tweeting only a few months ago, they were incredibly supportive. You see the other blogs here. Whilst I have asked people to vote for me, I do think Brian deserves it because of the quality of his posts. How a newspaper like Time Out or the Evening Standard haven’t snapped him up to do regular coffee shop reviews is beyond me.

I would say, that hopefully next year we can get more awards. Reflecting on my visits- there needs to be a separate category for coffee stalls, brunch, food, quirkiness and interior design. There are loads of coffee shops that deserve recognition, but didn’t necesarilly fit into any of the categories. One thing is for certain, the Coffee Stop Awards have generated quite a buzz and will hopefully continue next year!